New School for Social Research, New York

Science and Society, Fall 2019

Sites of Contention in Contemporary Ethnography (GANT 6053), Spring/Fall 2010 and Spring 2012

Anthropology of/and/as Science, Spring 2011 [course description]

Out of the Armchair: Anthropologists and Philosophers Explore the Neurosciences, Fall 2011 [course description]

Problems in Anthropology, Fall 2012/Fall 2013/Fall 2014 [course description]

Fieldwork in Anthropology, Spring 2013 [course description]

Apes and Anthropologists, Spring 2014 [course description]

Methods, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016

Eugene Lang College, New York

Drug Cultures (LANT 2016), Spring/Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 as freshmen seminar [course description].

From Brain Research to Neurocultures (LANT 2020 A), Spring 2011 [course description]

Apes, Brains, and Philosophers (LANT 3040), Spring 2012 [course description]

What is Anthropology Today?, Fall 2012 [course description]

Science and Scientists: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives (LANT 3031), Spring 2013 [course description]

Indeterminate Apes: Primatology from a Pragmatic Point of View, Fall 2013 [course description]

Ape Cultures and Human Nature, Fall 2014 and Fall 2016 [course description]